Fishing on the Malecón in Havana

a pass time, a way of life, a part of Cuban culture, an affordable dinner, and a job. People fish under all conditions, and with anything from a spear, a rod, or the ever popular tin can and string.

The sound of the can signifies FISH ON! 🎣

Some days the waves are so big it takes two to pull the line in.

Most of these images were taken on a dramatic evening with big waves and two fisherman. A photographers dream.

It amazes me that they don’t ever get knocked over. And yes, I was soaked on this one.

Look close 👀 😂

I couldn’t believe he actually caught a fish in these conditions.

So there’s a moral to this story. It’s the lesson of patience and flexibility. I was on my way to shoot at the boxing gym and eat dinner. I got the first shot and then the light started to turn. I ended up being there for an hour. Scratch all plans and recognize that something beautiful was unfolding. I just had to wait for it. #travel #shotoniphone #cuba #fishing #travelphotography