The streets of Accra

Accra, Ghana

Aptly names for its low-cost nature, the “tro-tro” is the most popular mode of transportation in Ghana. These mini-vans rule the streets. They stop anywhere and pick which road signs to observe. As an example, the “tro-tro” pictured stopped in the middle of the street for a passenger to get off. #TroTroRules

Accra’s streets are littered with hawkers selling any and everything you can imagine.

They’ve got tissues if you need them...

Bestselling books if you want to read while stuck in traffic...

Need a steering wheel cover? Look no further!

Coconuts? They’ve got them too!

Fashion forward water saleswomen rocking #Burberry..✅

These young kids need not be hawking if Ghana addresses its education and employment challenges! I dream of a Ghana without street hawkers!

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