Valparaíso Street Art

Valparaíso is one of the most renowned places in the world for street art. Murals, tiled art and vibrant colors are everywhere you look.

“Magnify the world. Make it better and when you have gone, the earth will miss you.”

Pablo Neruda

Art can be found on almost every wall, doorway and edifice.

Some of the paintings make powerful statements, including many about the indigenous Mapuche people.

Beautiful art brightens Valpo’s buildings in decay.

A husband and wife team of street artists collaborate on impressive murals.

Portraying the Mapuche’s ongoing fight for their rights.

The stairs are also a feast for the eyes.

Even Frankenstein gets his moment in the sun.

Fish are an important part of this port town. However this chef and her knife looks a bit dangerous.

Artists are even commissioned to paint high rise buildings.

Nesting dolls?

Wild dogs roam the streets of Valparaíso, but are loved and fed by the locals.

Filmmaker Adam Rose-Levy photographing street art.

Valparaíso, my love.

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  • richardbangs

    this is fantastic! what a creative community! And the Neruda quote is so apt. Thank you!

  • CAdc2c

    Not just any Frankenstein - that’s Boris Karlof.

  • BethRoseAK

    Good eye, Sam!

  • BethRoseAK

    @richardbangs: this is a great app! Easy to use and I love sharing my photos this way.

  • kev_casey

    Amazing selection and interesting comments. We have some great street art in Sydney

  • Heart2Heart

    This is great! Thanks for posting!

  • BethRoseAK

    @kev_casey Thanks for your comments! I checked out your street art photos and they are great. I am going to look into the bluristic app, too!

  • BethRoseAK

    @Heart2Heart Thanks for your comment! This is my first Steller story and I am feeling welcomed into this community.


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