Vacation 2011

I was fortunate enough to be able to afford a vacation in London back in 2011. I love the City because it is so photogenic and a paradise for practicing photography. The pictures I took, I am proud of and they make me happy. I hope I can make other ppl feel the same way! Enjoy!

When in London, of course u need to visit the London Eye! Seeing the city from inside the Eye is worth the wait in the line!

My favorite spot was the Wall right across the Big Ben. U can watch the Tourists walk by, the boats on the river and just relax and enjoy urself!

When I took the next picture I had another tourist ask me what the Chinese Cameras were for. He pointed at the CCTV signs. Short stories like these make the pictures even more special for the me!

During the taking of the next picture, I was on the run. I visited London on my own, without anyone else. So ppl come up and talk to u. This time it was a creepy man. So when I hurried down the stairs to the subway, I took the picture. Thank u creep!

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