Accra, Ghana

On a fine Thursday morning, I ventured out to Jamestown, a former commercial mecca now turned shanty town in Ghana’s capital city, to see what it was all about and boy was I blown away!

This young man was enjoying his meal while all the other boys played soccer. In Ghana, there’s a saying that goes like this: “Chop time, no friend”. This picture is an embodiment of that saying.

This Kiln has been in operation for multiple decades. The man pictured is baking cakes to be sold on the streets.

This young man rocking his Luigi t-shirt couldn’t stop smiling when he noticed I was taking pictures of him! Such a beautiful and hopeful smile even though his surroundings would cause one to have pity on him..this kid is just loving life!

Sleep is necessary. Wherever you can get some, be sure to get some! This lady is proof that you can sleep anywhere!

“Boys boys”

Jamestown is a coastal town and so fishing is the premier occupation for many folks here. This lady pictured here is prepping her day’s catch for to be salted; a vey common fish preservation tactic in Ghana.

Alansa. That’s the Ghanaian name for the fruit. What caused me to capture this moment was the fact that all the girls pictured were related (a fact I uncovered after having a conversation with them). They do this daily to support their family.

Not today!


Jaynii Streetwise is transforming the lives of many children in Jamestown. It’s an orphanage that ensures that destitute kids have access to shelter and food.

Jamestown Lighthouse.

My Aunt and I in Jamestown.

Brazil House. One of the four locations that served as homes for Brazilians when they were sent to West Africa. The lady pictured runs the house and is the most knowledgeable person when it comes to details of the lives of Brazilians in Ghana.

Brazil House graffiti.

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