Trends in office interiors


Since years our Jarl White, Havwoods Team Leader Offices, interacts with office interior designers only. Most in London, New York and Sydney, once in while also elsewhere. Meanwhile we provide solutions for whatever woodfloor requirement in these workspaces. This year Jarl bundled the trends in the sector in an Article. This is a résumé in a snapshot.

Location is king. Once within a the location, the best locations are for all, not just for the MD.

Deliveroo London

PwC Sydney

Say goodbye to desktops, to a desk per person, to a parking per person, to a car per person, ALL IS PER PURPOSE

Quality materials, authentic where necessary.

KKS Hannover


Wework New York

LinkedIn Dublin

Say goodbye to big private offices

CEO offices are in the back

natural elements: light, plants, wood, stones, brass

Places that allow the BUZZ of new starters to stay above the surface: stairs, coffee corners, walkways, entrances,...

Deliveroo by Unispace


Wework Berlin, Sonycenter Potzdammerplatz

Jarl White is Havwoods teamleader for Workspaces. From out of London he meets up day in day out with professionals involved with designing offices only.

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