Peace in Silence

Little more than three hours away from Jakarta, the Capital City of Indonesia, there is a traditional community that has turned their back away from modern technology.

They are known as the Baduy people.

Lives close to the city of Banten. Divided into two groups; the Baduy Dalam and the Baduy Luar.

The Baduy Dalam

They don’t own phones, use the Internet, wear shoes or listen to the radio.

Baduy Dalam people wear white and black cloth as clothing, with a white headband and white traditional bag.

The Baduy Luar

The Baduy Luar act as a buffer zone to stop visitors from entering the Sacred Inner circle, the Baduy Dalam. Wear black and cloth just like us.

One of Baduy Luar Village

Some people say that the black cloth the Baduy Luar people wear is an indication that they are not pure anymore..

That they are breaking some rules of the community, such as their willingness to accept modern influence into their daily lives.

Last but not least

They are not primitive!

They know out there is an advance technology. Those people in the city have a big mall, go to school and office.


Choose to keep the value that they believe in. It’s their choice, cling to what is revealed and inherited by his ancestors.

“I am convinced that there can be luxury in simplicity.”

Jil Sander

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