The Story

We have

taken our best measure for Asian Games 2018

Si Jalak Harupat Stadium, Bandung One of the witness history of journey

Pakansari Stadium at Cibinong, Bogor who will be a winner?

Republic of Korea The winner of Soccer Asian Games 2018 축아합니다 대한민국! Congratulation!

Let's fun for a second 😅


it was rain and we're like minion 😁

Can't wait for closing Asian Games 2018

Speech of President Indonesia, Joko Widodo

Performenced by China as Host of Asian Games 2022

"Kemesraan ini janganlah cepat berlalu"

Put your hands up "Koi mil gaya.. Koi mil gaya"

You can be the fire that lights up the world With your energy stronger together, it's possible You can climb higher to the top of the world With your spirit you're unbeatable by: Dira Sugandi ft JFlow

"Let this be The time of our lives" by Bunga Citra Lestari

Ryhtem Ta - Ikon

IKON 아이콘

Super Junior 슈퍼주니어

Thank you for all support All team We do everything for Indonesia For Asian

With a chef at Ibis Hotel, Bandung

With the health department of Bandung city

With The health department, region Bandung

Take a picture for a second

Some of Catering Division Asian Games 2018 "Tanpa kami, kamu lapar"

I got a lot of experience. I will share this in the future.

An honour to be a part of Asian Games 2018.

Some of the volunteers and some of the stories.

Firework of Closing Asian Games 2018

"Asian Games had end, but energy and spirit of Asia never extinguish"

Joko Widodo, President of Indonesia

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