Venice - Florence - Rome - Pompeii

My fiancé and I have lived in the UK from the US for nearly 3 years now and Italy has always been the most anticipated bucket list destination of them all. We kept putting it off until we could get perfect weather and enough holiday time to do it right. We finally made it happen and it didn’t disappoint. We started in Venice and trained our way down ending up in Pompeii.

Going into this trip I didn’t hear of anyone that loved Venice, it bummed me out a bit. But I try to not take everyone’s advice there are too many factors that’s can make or break a trip. But honestly Venice was just as dreamy and more than I could have imagined. It rained like crazy the night we got in and we woke up to fresh quiet streets. Other than the bridge and the square the streets were very private and romantic.

Fiancé 🔥

Venice at night

Rome was incredible, I didn’t realize seeing the Vatican would be so impressive. I couldn’t help but to sneak some photos even though everyone was constantly getting yelled at I stayed steady and acted natural! Didn’t know what I got until I got outside 😬

Clouds wrapped around the volcano like it could erupt

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  • mdiepraam

    Terrific photography. 😎👌🏽

  • jordanfoy

    Your photography is so clean, I really enjoyed looking at every page.

  • ggunderson

    @jordanfoy thank you brother!

  • eliasgyllin

    great photography!

  • alexcastle

    Simply amazing pictures made me happy to come across your adventure

  • MaryGrace

    Lovely photos! Glad you enjoyed your trip to Italy !

  • gcalabia

    Beautiful photos! What time of year did you schedule your travel to Italy?

  • ggunderson

    @gcalabia it was the last week of August and fist week of September. It was actually too hot I would have probably waited until October if I did it again but it was really nice though.


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