Steller 2018

It’s so difficult to choose just ten memories that are the highlights of a year. When you’re a dog, every adventure is a highlight. Every long walk in nature has new sniffs to explore. Have you ever noticed how humans are always looking ahead, planning, wondering, worrying? We don’t do that. We enjoy the here and now.

So here are some of our favourite moments from 2018. (And yes, there are a few more than ten...) Because every time you are outside and breathing in the sniffs of nature, that is a good moment.

Back in January, when we had the coldest of cold walks at Tentsmuir in Fife. We started our walk in the forest, winding along the pathways, before heading to the beach, walking back along the frozen sand as the sun set.

That trip to Elie in February, when we headed west along the beach and then followed the coastal path back. There were rocks to sniff and there was sunshine.

February again, and we went to Cambo Estate in Fife and walked through the woods to the golf course at Kingsbarns, heading to the beach. It was so cold but so bright. We only do this walk a few times a year so it always feels like an adventure.

Late March, and we went back to Tentsmuir, only this time it wasn’t freezing. We didn’t need our fleece jumpers, and we had a picnic at the end of the forest path before heading to the beach.

Every walk at John Muir Country Park, but let’s start with this one in mid-April. It was spring, and we ran and ran and ran. Bracken and I were so happy, we sat on the bench overlooking the bay and nuzzled.

And then it was summer, and we had so many adventures in summer. And we left our home and came to live in a new home. This was a strange time. Bracken had been through this before when he came to live with us, but I was leaving the only home I’d ever known. Mum said the best way to handle this change was to spend as much time as we could in nature.

So I’m going to fast forward a bit to June. First the summer solstice, when we went to Gullane beach to watch the sunset (previous photo too), and then the next day, June 22, when I celebrated turning 7 with a big beach walk at Ravensheugh with my Auntie Claire and Betty. And Auntie Claire took us paddling. @Labradoodle37 ♡ And then, there was this blue, blue beach walk at Yellowcraig.

And one of the very best memories from 2018, back in July, when we drove down the coast to John Muir Country Park and had a beach picnic watching the sun set. Bracken and I had sweet potato chews while the humans had hummus wraps. And then Bracken and I had a paddle.

August, and another two long walks at John Muir Country Park. The first was one of those evening walks when the light is magical and your paws feel super-charged with energy. On the second, we went a different route and headed over the marshland to the beach.

This walk in September, at Ravensheugh beach, when the tide was way out, and we chased along the sand below big clouds.

And then, in October, this walk when the light seemed to be fading oh-so-fast, but then suddenly, there was this glowing sunset...

And there are so many more, as some of our best walks of the year have been this winter. Some of our very favourite walks were in December - but we’ll save those for another story. Because life is about adventures, even the little ones, and we want to pack all the adventures we can into every year.


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