Pattern and calculation.

"LURIK" A traditional fabric from Java, it has a lots of patterns type, but different with "batik". Lurik patterns is more simple, it can be a lines and geometric pattern. The pattern may looks more simple than "batik" but it made from some calculation.

String spinning

The first step of "lurik" manufacture is the string spinning. The strings united in a roll after it colored.

"NYUCUK" Nyucuk is another method on "lurik" manufacture process. In this process the strings are putted in some hole arrangement to make a pattern.

The second step, arranging strings to make a pattern.

"TENUN" The third step, "tenun" is the final step of "lurik" manufacture processes, from this process, the strings are united and turned out into a fabric called "lurik".

Geometric "lurik" pattern


This is fabrics which called as "lurik"

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