Lurik Factory, Central Java

Lurik is the one of traditional fabric in Java, from the javanesse kingdom era lurik had establised to be a uniform for kingdom's soldier, artisan and musician

Lurik comes from the Javanese language, lorek which means line by line, which is a symbol of simplicity. Simple in appearance and in production but full of meaning

Lurik comes from the word 'Rik' which means a line or ditch that is interpreted as a fence or protector for the wearer. The blessed from the king and the God to the human that wear it

different with batik which has rules and castes in its wears, lurik is an liberates fabric and can be used by various groups. Prayers and hopes in each line are blessings for every human being without exception

On the Klaten, Central Java, there is one of the famous traditional Lurik factory with wooden machine thats called ATBM. The machine will operated by human and the craftmentship from the artisan

It is the oldest Lurik Factory since 1952 and till now this factory still operated and make many Fabric Lurik for export to others country and to famous fasion designer around the world

More than ten workers with an average age above fifty years I met. Rahmad did not arrange working hours here. They work freely by arranging schedules according to their free time and desires.

You can see the process from yarn to woven into weaving here. everything is done by the hands and perseverance of every worker

The sound like a symphoni guys, Please hear that.

The chalk line is a symbol to remember the pattern of the fabric, the compotition of yarn and the range from one to another one

The path of wealth that the believed was not only through trade. But the wealth of the heart through the love of fellow humans.


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