Always worth a journey

Greece is definitely one of my favorite destinations. And it’s not only just for a summer holiday... have discovered so many places that captured my heart and made me want to come back... anytime of the year πŸ€—πŸŒΊπŸ’•

Every time I see this coastline.. it’s like coming home and the beginning of another great trip.. all at the same time πŸ˜‰

Sunrise in Rhodes..

Sunset in Crete

February: Enjoying Crete

March: Hydra island πŸ’•

April: Morning glow.. like a painting... in IOANNINA

Rainbows in April

Nights in June

Samothraki island in July

Agios Nikolaos Lagos in July

Paros.. in August

Santorini in October

Fly away with me to...

... discover amazing views..

... nature’s waking up..

.. enjoy the clear water and history in Hydra..

... stay overnight when tourists go back to Athens

Tolo.. Peloponnes πŸ€—

.. make special friends..

.. walk along clear water and sandy beaches..


Samothraki island

Epirus.. bridges and wild nature πŸ’•

Vikos Gorge

Parga... view from the castle

Next stop: island of Kythira

Cyclades πŸ’•




Looking forward to cross over to Poros island

Leaving for Athens

Athens on a beautiful sunny day

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  • SearchOfIslands

    So beautiful! You have been to so many islands (especially Hydra) that I want to go to someday!

  • brigitteg

    Hydra is absolutely amazing, try to stay overnight, very special in the evening and early morning πŸ€—


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