I must admit, it was hard to choose 10 best memories from 2018. Looking back through photos I realised there were many more good memories, many more walks and adventures. Beach walks in the last light, watching the sun set. And I also realised that many of my favourite photos weren’t attached to best memories as such. They were simply moments captured; a shift in light or an unexpected view; something that caught my eye.

So here are ten of my favourite memories from this year. I could have chosen different walks, different moments. One of my very favourite memories of 2018 was from Boxing Day, just a few days ago. But that’s for another story.

s t e l l e r 2 0 1 8

s n o w

Not an enjoyable memory, as I was walking Edinburgh’s city centre in a blizzard, snow soaking through jeans and trainers, but a good memory as we so rarely see this weather in Edinburgh. But the Beast from the East, as this storm was called, brought snow upon snow. I wanted to get a photo of Edinburgh Castle looking majestic with the rock dusted in snow, but instead I got this photo of the castle shrouded in the blizzard. It was worth getting soaked for.

b r i g h t

February, and this walk at Elie in Fife. There’s something special about winter walks in sunshine. Days are so short, and so many days are grey and dreich, so sunshine like this feels... magical. Uplifting. And on this walk, as we followed this coastal path between Elie and St Monans, the light was incredible.

p i c n i c

It was early in July, on a sunny Friday evening. We packed a picnic and drove down the coast to John Muir Country Park. There’s the anticipation as you walk through the woodland to the bay, wondering what the light will be like. And on this night, the light was incredible (also cover photo). We stopped on the beach, having our picnic while perched on a washed up log. And Harris and Bracken paddled in the warm water.

S u n s e t s

Some of my favourite memories of this year are from walks at John Muir Country Park. I could share so many. Here’s another from September, walking around the bay as the sun was dipping low, glowing across the sand.

B e l s a y

I still have to share a story about this visit to Belsay Hall in Northumberland. When we visited in August, there was a sound installation in the grand mansion house by artist Susan Philipsz, and it was incredible moving through this cavernous house with the sound of Philipsz’s voice echoing from the chimneys - literally. So atmospheric and eerie. And such a fascinating house. I’ll explain more in the story about Belsay, but this was definitely one of the best visits of 2018.

f r I e n d s h I p

It’s always great to show friends a favourite walk, and especially so when the sun joins in. In August our Canadian friends Kerry and David came to visit Scotland, and we had an amazing walk at Ravensheugh beach. It’s a favourite beach of ours, and Kerry and David had admired this walk from all the visits Harris had shared on Instagram. We walked and chatted and walked and chatted as giant clouds danced out over the sea.

B r e a t h e

Union Yoga, my second home. The studio changed hands to become Sacred Heart Yoga. After my shoulder froze in December 2017, I could no longer do classes, but I still went to the studio for self practice, healing slowly over the months. I have so many good memories in this space, years of good memories. This photo is from February, practicing in glorious sunlight. This space is no longer used as a yoga studio, which is sad to me after 14 years of practicing here. I miss this space.

F r o z e n

Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve is always a favourite walk. This photo is from January 7. It was freezing cold, baltic, and as we left the forest and headed towards the beach, the sand was crunching underfoot, frozen. The air was so still, frozen and still. And look at this light...

G l o w

So many memories involving sunsets. This is favourite from May. We had driven to Musselburgh, where we would be moving a month later, as we were meeting someone to discuss work needed on the house. It was a Friday evening and we were tired, and stressed. I wanted to go home and hit the sofa, but we knew that Harris and Bracken would love a walk, so we drove down the coast to Gullane. And when we reached the beach, we found this sunset. Stressed, tired, but suddenly, that didn’t seem important.

s o l s t I c e

June 21, the summer solstice, and we headed down the coast to watch the sun set at Gullane beach. Richard took this photo of Harris and I, and it’s a favourite photo. Just in this moment, with the sun glowing over the sea, setting behind the hills in Fife, as Harris gazed out across the water, towards the light.

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