Duomo di Firenze

this place is so unreal

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We wandered if tomorow we would be able to get inside of the cathedral and on top of the dome

First we had to check how to get in. We stayed in a hotel, owned by Dutch. The staff looked Russian but had Italian names. They knew all the tricks.

Tickets could not be booked online, so we had to get there very early. Wooow

We was to get up there β†˜οΈ

The walk around the feet of the coupolo is impressive

Between 1210 and 1340 there was the cathedral without the roof or dome. Mess was done for more than 100 years in the open because nobody knew or dared to build a roof. Video National Geographic

Ultimately it was Filippo Brunelleschi to start building the Duomo in 1420 and to finish it in 1436. The building technique involved an internal and an external dome. In between the 2 domes, there is a walkway.

Narrow stairs inside of the coupolo. About 500 steps to reach the top. One of the tourists suffered claustrophobia and had to go back. All got more nerveous.

This view is unforgettable. You can wave to those on top of the Campanille, the tower of the cathedral

In Firenze they love heads pulling out of circles. You find them everywhere. We started calling them PEEPERS

Near to the cathedral with the Duomo, there is UFIZZI, definitly the most pleasant museum building i have been in

The natural light in Ufizzi, is unreal and makes you want to stay forever

An alife Peeper

another one

A wise water fountain

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Another unreal building: SAGRADA FAMILIA

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