At long last I’m sharing my shots and stories from the Gourmet Escape in Margaret River. As an ex chef, I still have a keen interest in food and it’s always a joy to combine my love of food and my love of photography. Gorgeous scenery, gorgeous chefs 🙊💁🏼‍♀️👨🏼‍🍳, tasty food and that Western Australia hospitality! You can’t lose!

I kicked off MY Gourmet Escape at the welcome BBQ and drinks! Whilst everyone was partaking of the open bar I was ass deep in the ocean taking this shot. 😂😂😱

I can’t tell you what an incredible backdrop Margaret River makes for a foodie event! As if it’s not enough to have the world’s best chef’s cooking up a storm, you can have the world’s best chef’s cooking up a storm here! 💗💓💞 https://gourmetescape.com.au

As well as the welcome BBQ, the other events I did were; Feast in the Forest, Sunset Beats and Bites, Afternoon Tea with Nigella (yep, Nigella Lawson) and the Gourmet Village. Of course! 💁🏼‍♀️

After being thoroughly wined and dined for three full days it was time to check out a few other things that Western Australia has to offer. Although, I must admit, as we were touring we DID manage to eat quite a lot more of the things! Haha. What can I say, when you’re in a foodie destination... Here’s some non-food stuff ...

Those were my highlights! Pic 1: The Busselton Jetty 😍 Pics 2 & 3: Koomal Dreaming Indigenous Tour Pics 4 & 5: The Field of Light: Avenue of Honour. (Albany) Pics 6 & 7: Katanning, where we stayed at the incredible “Premier Mill Hotel”! 😍 Pic 8: Cape to Cape Explorer Tours Margaret River.

Western Australia never fails to surprise and delight me, no matter how many times I visit! If you’re ever planing on going over please ask me ALL THE QUESTIONS! ❤️


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