Breaking the Limits

JANUARY My novel, Aroma Karsa, was released as a digital serial story. It gained 2,000 subcribers and gave birth to what is now called: Aroma Karsa Digital Tribe.

FEBRUARY Signing 10,000 copies for Aroma Karsa pre-order. Took me a week to finish.

MARCH Aroma Karsa, my 12th book, was out in the bookstores. One of my heaviest babies. 110,000 words. 600 pages.

MARCH I finally met Shinji Takeuchi, The Most Graceful Swimmer in the world. I’ll make a dedicated posting about this. Promise.

APRIL Aroma Karsa’s book tour began to five cities in Indonesia. Other than booksigning and talkshow, we added a “musical storytelling” in which I wrote three songs based on three scenes from the book.

JUNE A long awaited holiday. Bali never got old.

JULY My father’s 80th birthday. He’s the source of the creative genes in our family.

JULY (& SEPTEMBER) Reunion of Class ‘93 both in my highschool and university. Can’t believe 25 years had passed!

AUGUST I released another book. Not only it was my first nonfiction, this was also my first time to release two books in a year.

SEPTEMBER Aroma Karsa was awarded Book of the Year 2018. A sweet gift for almost two years of hard work.

SEPTEMBER My son torn his knee ligament. Ouch!

SEPTEMBER We got to share the stage with Mingyur Rinpoche, a remarkable Tibetan monk who was dubbed by the world’s neuroscientists as the happiest man alive. Meeting him was truly a highlight of this year.

OCTOBER Responding to the tsunami that hit Palu and Donggala, Sahabat Peduli Indonesia, which was founded by four of us—old friends—helped to build WASH facility for the refugees. With the help from our volunteers, sponsors, and the military, within a month we build 248 toilets. Our team leader, Tri Clay, earned the title “Queen of Toilet”.

OCTOBER - NOW I took three months off to do one thing that I’ve postponed for years: major decluttering. Took everything out and sorted them one by one. It’s 80% done now. Still ongoing.

NOVEMBER. 11.11. Our 10th anniversary.

DECEMBER After writing lenghty novels for the last 6 years, I started a personal project on IG for pure fun. It’s called #PuisiDeeTaman. Short poems, combined with fresh flowers from the garden, and photography.



Thank you all! See you in 2019


Author, Singer-Songwriter Twitter/IG/Fanpage: @DeeLestari www.deelestari.com #StellerID #Steller2018

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