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Most precious moments

We (myself included) tend to think the highlights of a year are the extremes: diving into the bluest ocean (like we did on Harbour Island - Bahamas), skiing on the highest mountain top (like we did in Serfaus - Austria), standing on the most desolated part of an island (like we did on Vlieland - Netherlands) or watching the most epic skylines (like we did in NYC - USA)... But the real highlights are the unexpected funny or loving moments with our loved ones... >>> My top 5 of 2018 >>>

Top 5 1. Laughing and singing in the rain in the flooded streets of Key West with my husband and kids while other people looked grumpy and tried to find shelter. Not captured: Too wet. 2. Frequent family hugs to celebrate our love and being together with the four of us in spite of our busy schedules. Plus a dog getting jealous and pushing her way into the hug. Not captured: Too spontaneous.

3. Having my demented mother-in-law over for Xmas and watching how much she enjoys being at our place to watch her grandkids play and being spoiled with food, drinks and well deserved attention. Not captured: too intimate. 4. Laughing about the alter ego my youngest created: he speaks for our dog with a funny voice all day long (I admit: sometimes it’s a bit tiresome) and let us peek into his crazy mind. He’s getting funnier every day. Not captured: he won’t let me :)

5. Enjoying a one-to-one moment with one of my kids, like in the next shots. I took these photo’s on an overgrown dump near our house. I shot my son’s tiny silhouet as a remembrance of his childhood days for when he will be six feet tall. These pictures also show beauty is just around the corner! No extremes needed. Captured to share!

A huge thanks @Steller for giving us the tools to create our own stories and share them in this wonderful community! And a huge thanks to You!


All photo’s shot with the #huaweip20pro. Huawei, thank you for the collab earlier this year. #crestcontest #stellerstories #steller #2018 #bestof2018 #highlights #silhouette #phonephotography #netherlands #holland #grateful #thankyou #momentsofmine #steller2018

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