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2018 has probably been one of the best years of my life. This year I decided to travel the world, the best decision that I’ve ever made. 2018 was full of me trying new things, meeting new people and seeing new places. It was a year where I really stepped out of my comfort zone, something that I’ll never regret. This year I seeked discomfort, experience and andventure all over the world. Here’s ten of my best memories from 2018!

Rhino tracking in Zimbabwe

At the beginning of this year I visited Zimbabwe as a part of a larger trip to Africa. During my visit I decided to do a tracking of rhinos at a place called Matopu Hills. Together with a couple of guides, we tracked down nine rhinos and walked as close as five meters away from them. That’ something that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

Climbing dunes in Namibia

During a stop in Namibia we visited a place called Sossusvlei. This place is really something extraordinary and a must-visit for everyone. Here we climbed (or walked) up one of the worlds tallest dunes, called Dune 45, to view the sunrise. It was spectacular and I don’t think that there’s anything like it.

another place in Sossusvlei, called Deadvlei

Living as a local in Vietnam

As another part of my trip around the world I visited Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Here I lived as much as a local as possible. I ate streetfood in strangers garages, drove moped and lived alongside the citizens here. It was a really cool experience and I learned a lot from it.

Exploring Angkor Wat

My next stop was Cambodia, more specific the city of Siem Riep. Here I went to Angkor Wat for three consecutive days, exploring the temples. I also decided to watch the sunrise at the main temple with about 500 other people at 4am which was insane.

Stunning waterfalls in Australia

The next stop of my trip was Australia, a place I always wanted to visit. Here I decided to take a hike through a lush forest to a waterfall with zero expectations on what to see. When I arrived I was shook. It was probobly the most amazing waterfall that I’ve ever seen. I decided to take a swim and then came across not only a ton of butterflies but snakes and lizards.

Visiting Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

This is an incredible place. Here I took a hike around the lake, stargazed under the most amazing night sky that I’ve ever seen and slept with the mountains as backdrop. It was very cold, but a truly incredible visit.

Snorkeling in Hawai’i

Hawai’i is a place that I always wanted to visit. When I first arrived on the island of Oahu I was quite diseappointed. It was nothing like I’ve expected, way to crowded and touristy and there were no places that wasn’t like anything other I’ve seen. When I then decided to go to Maui, that’s when everything changed. On Maui I got to experience the real Hawai’i and it did’nt feel touristy and there were plenty of good snorkeling spots. I recommend everyone that is considering a trip to Hawai’i to go to Maui. That’s where the magic happens.

Visiting the stunning Grand Canyon

This was an incredible place and probobly the most incredible place that I’ve ever visited. It’s impossible to imagine what inte feels like to sit on the edge with your feet hanging, while viewing this insane landscape.

Antelope Canyon at sunset

Antelope Canyon is a place that I could visit a thousand more times. It’s so strange yet incredible and the lighting is stunning. Although it’s quite hard to take photos without a tripod in there, it was beautiful to see and Antelope Canyon is a must-visit for anyone that’s visiting the states.

Helicopter over New York

Imagine hanging with your feet out from a helicopter that’s flyibg above one of the most incredible cities in the whole world. Cool right? I did this at sunset and it is something that I’ll never forget. This felt truly special and it was a great ending of my trip around the world.

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