After seeing the northern lights in Iceland I had this burning desire to go chase the lights again. My fiancé decided sitting in the snow for 8 hours a night for photography might not be for her, so I threw my camera stuff into one bag and put one outfit on without any extras and headed to a tromso for a week of R&R.

The first night I arrived at 10pm or so from London. I was too excited to go to the hotel so I drove two hours out of town and got a little taste until 4am

The days are short in winter but the light is epic the entire time

I drove the fjords from 9am to 3pm and then took a hot shower to warm up before chasing the lights from 5pm to 3am.

Out of four nights chasing I wasn’t disappointed any of the nights. From sun down to sun up I had clear sky’s and an epic light show.

That clean Scandinavian design, simple but effective line work.

Even though they were out every night this night was by far the most epic and memorable. They stretched from one horizon to the other I couldn’t concentrate on which direction to point the camera.

Yea it’s freezing! I can’t feel my fingers and toes at this point

This trip made me realize how truest rewarding it can be to travel alone and test yourself mentally and physically. You don’t always need an reason, it was a fruitful visit that I won’t forget.

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