Although winter brings fragility and represents a silencing of the old, new blankets of snow lay a bright foundation for the pure and glorious things to come ahead.

“Crunch,” say the glistening white flakes as a heavy boot is placed upon them.

The icy, deep blue water gleams with the reflection of a clear sky, bubbling as it flows smoothly over gray rocks.

Fog drifts across bare limbs to hide the path ahead, for it knows the best journeys are those that come to the unsuspecting wanderer.

Branches shiver and rattle lightly as a cold breeze combs through their dark needles.

Pointed ears stand at attention when the snap of a stick cracks the silence.

Even amidst sounds in a winter forest, the aura of such a wonderland captures a tranquility and quietness so that even this rough, frigid season can represent stillness and peace.

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