Abstraction at Source

Caroline de Bertodano

Abstraction is all around us in every day life. It does not depict reality but lives within reality co-existing alongside us. In the empty space between objects and movement. In the texture of materials and light. In a movement or action and the echo’s produced. The hidden music in the score that we hear through our eyes.

Creating many images with a textural feel is intentional. We use all our senses in life and we do not experience a flat shiny world. Texture adds depth to a moment in time of image making, adding a dimension of reality to the mind. The abstraction of touch as well a vision. © Caroline de Bertodano 2018 Printed copy available through Details at end of this e-book.

Avant-garde automatism

Passing sorrow

Aspects of man

Intertitle solitude

Into the light

Light’s elation

Light’s hypnotism

Light’s sway

Forward entrenchment

Impasto descent

Joy unfolds

Dusk’s transience

Historical shimmers

Acoustic reverberations

Fractured soul

Wonderland’s paradigm

Between worlds

Lost words

Parallel universe’s

Walking in sculptures

“The more abstract the truth…the more you must allure the senses to it” Friedrich Nietzsche

Out of the Phone

Printed copy available Out of the Phone publishing house Paris * 45 photographs in B&W * High-quality digital printing * Size : 13,5 x 19,5 cm * 36 pages + cover * Text paper: 115 gsm bulky extra matt coated paper * Cover paper : 290 gsm fully coloured paper * Craft sewn binding * Round corners 28.00€

All shots are the source of abstraction in everyday moments with minimal editing. Shot on an iPhone IG : c__de__b FB : CdeBertodano. TW : CdeBertodano