How a trip to Africa changed me as a person


Before I decided to go to Africa for a month, I did not know how much it was going to affect me as a person and change my perspective on things. At first I thought of this trip as a ”fun experience” but it turned out to be a journey of self exploration, that not only showed me new sides of myself, but of my surroundings too.

During a month, I traveled to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe

The Wedding

As i hiked through a forest to reach a stunning waterfall, I accidentaly ended up in a wedding. This was my first true experience with the people in this country. The people attending to the wedding were dressed up in colorful clothing and I’ve probably never seen people this happy in my entire life. Since I was in the middle of Botswana, most of the people that live there rarely see tourists from Europe and I quickly became the centre of attention. People came and took photos with me and I took photos of them. They were really kind and the whole experience made me realize that I was just as different in their country ad they are in mine, yet we accept our cultural differences and respect each other.

Sebastian, The Ranger

While in Zimbabwe, I decided to do a rhino tracking which is a walking safari experience. As I got there we quietly approached the eight rhinos that were in front of us and got as close as five meters apart from them. We got guided by a man called Sebastian, who works almost 24/7 with protecting the rhinos in the area while living apart from his family during most part of the year. His story was facinating and the sacrifices he made to protect the rhinos so they don’t become extinct were inspirational. People like Sebastian gives me hope.

This photo is taken while sitting down five meters apart from the rhino.

While visiting Zimbabwe, the country had a financial crisis and that experience gave me a new perspective of economy and inflation. The people living there could only pull out 20$ from their bank account each week. This was mainly a problem because in most stores, especially in the more rural parts, they did not take credit card.

The Nature

The nature in Africa is like nowhere else. It’s rural, wild and untouched. There is no other place in the world that feels this authentic and it gave me so much perspective on how we have destroyed and manipulated our nature back home.

In Africa, there are a lot of animals that are on the brink of getting extinct. That’s both because they get hunted and because of the climate changes. These wonderful and interesting animals that I maybe not will be able to show my kids one day, just because people wanted to earn money. The whole situation gave me new perspective on conservation and how important it is to find a solution to this problem fast.


My trip to Africa changed my perspective on a lot of things. Everything from how secluded we in Europe are from people in these countries, to economics and conservation of nature. I feel like this trip made me a better human being and made me more awear of the planet I live on and how my choices affects every single one that lives here.

This whole trip was put together by the fantastic team at Drive Botswana. Without them this trip would not have been possible. They fixed both the 4x4, the lodging, the camp fees and a lot more.

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