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Since I live in a small town and don’t travel too often, I need to be experimental with my photography. Most of my photos are taken in my hometown with just an iPhone, so from experience, here’s some tips to help you get experimental with the photography in your everyday life.


When you first think of what to take a picture of in your local town or city then your probobly thinking about getting outside. If you live in a smaller town like me, then you probobly have to get experimental with seasons, lightning and perspective. Personally, my favourite time to photograph is when it’s either misty, winter or during the golden hour.


Mist can change the whole mood of a photo. I prefer to edit the photos I take in mist so they turn out dark and sometimes I also edit them to be black and white. Photographing mist is all about showing an infinite landscape with no horizon.

Sometimes it’s all about finding the right perspective and composition.

Take your photos to the next level by photographing during the golden hour. The light in your everyday photography can be what makes it special.

The light becomes even more important if the photo is in black and white.


A simple macro lens for your phone can turn the photos you take from great to unbeliveable, and all it takes is some creativity. Flowers and insects is almost always better to photograph with a macro lens. Snowflakes looks amazing when shot with a macro lens and even photography of your eyes can look stunning. Lightning, perspective and creativity is key.

It’s all about finding the small things that surrounds you at home.

Black and white photography with a macro lens almost always turns out stunning

A prism is essential when experimenting with photography


I usually don’t photograph inside as much as I do outside, but when I do I try to take as minimalistic shots as possible. Lightning and composition is very important when photographing inside. For example, minimalistic interior photography can look amazing if you play around with color and lightning.

Minimalistic interior photography with a single color, geometry and with good lightning can look great, even if it’s taken with a phone.

It’s all about perspective and lightning. This is actually taken from the inside of a drum.


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