the world’s fastest fancy-dress party

Since 1998, the Goodwood Revival has grown into the jewel in the crown of historic motor racing, attracting record attendances of 150,000 people. Why? Because you truly travel back in time. Everything is in period - not just the cars, but the circuit, the drivers and the crowd as well... And still this is 2018!


In the nineties, Goodwood Motor Circuit was reconstructed to appear like it was back in the day. Everything on and around the circuit now looks like it hails from 1948 to 1966, the years in which the track was originally opened for motor racing until it was closed for being deemed too dangerous.

The paddock is exactly like it used to be.

The stage is further set by a copious amount of live roleplayers all doing their part.


But it’s the cars that started it all. In the paddock or out on track, the most glorious machines from that very same 1948-1966 era remain the true stars of the event, doing battle in no less than 11 races in various categories - from single-seaters to sportscars and touring cars.

Nothing beats capturing a priceless Ferrari 250 GT SWB/C as it dashes off into the sunset in the Friday race at dusk.

Ferrari ‘Breadvan’ and Jaguar E-type powering by on the straight.


Then add the people who are the lifeblood of the event. The mechanics slaving away behind the scenes. The spectators soaking it all up in their fifties and sixties attire. The drivers giving it their all and tasting the glory - or losing while still enjoying the experience.

The crowd itself arrive in all shapes, sizes and ages.

We wouldn’t dare call her that. Now would we?

Laurels and cigars for the winners!

It all goes by in a flash...

And since Goodwood was RAF Westhampnett during WW2 you can dream of actually flying home afterwards...

“Give me Goodwood on a summer’s day, and you can keep the rest.”

Roy Salvadori


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  • karen_claudia_

    Super what a sferic story!! I love it.

  • sandraengels73

    Super verhaal ! Mooie serie idd, versterkt elkaar enorm 😍 toch zag ik twee fotos die ook als eenling supervet zijn !!!

  • mdiepraam

    Dank je wel, @karen_claudia_, heel fijn om te horen! 🙏🏽😎

  • mdiepraam

    Dat doet me goed, @sandraengels73, dank je wel! Ja, natuurlijk maak ik ook wel platen die je aan de muur kunt hangen, zeker op dit evenement, maar de samenhang maakt het nog sterker. 1 + 1 = 3! 😎✌🏽

  • mdiepraam

    O, eh, welke twee dan? 🤔😇 @sandraengels73

  • scottg

    Amazing story. Never heard of this before. Thank you for sharing!

  • mdiepraam

    Thanks, @scottg, then I’m glad I brought it to your attention! 😎✌🏽

  • simone_wit

    Pagina 21: 😍 Echt gave story weer. Anders dan anders mag ook gezien en gelezen worden!

  • mdiepraam

    Ja, lief hè? 😁 Dank voor je mooie compliment, @simone_wit, had echt zin in deze. Ik zal de volgende weer wel echt ‘toeristisch’ maken, maar meer circuitreportages sluit ik niet uit. En de eerste portretboekjes zijn al in voorbereiding.

  • EirikFung

    Nice story and photos of the event!

  • mdiepraam

    Many thanks for the kind comment, @EirikFung! 🙏🏽👍🏽 Have you ever been there?

  • EirikFung

    My memories fail me; I couldn’t remember if I visited Essex or Sussex or both or neither. It was really too long ago and become too vague to me. I wish I could had travelled more when I were there.

  • mdiepraam

    Many thanks, Enrica! 🙏🏽😎 @enricagarzaro

  • rebbeldebbeltje

    Geweldig ! Wat een heerlijke sfeer 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🤗🤩

  • mdiepraam

    Wat fijn om te horen, Debby, dank je wel! 👍🏽😘 @rebbeldebbeltje


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