“In a Silent Way” maintains the animated line that I have explored throughout my career. In this body of work, I removed recognizable imagery to uncover an internalized landscape that is populated with meditations on balance.”

“The cutout pieces are all parts of a puzzle that has no solution. They can be constructed in endless configurations offering possibility without total resolution. I am considering environments where details are poised to collapse if pushed but maintaining structure under overwhelming weight. My goal is to create a space for meditation to begin very quietly and grow into a vibration that shuts everything out until it fades back to silence.”

“The work was very unusual for me in that I did not have a point of reference for it. It reminded me of nothing. The silence made me start to think about the Miles Davis album that the show gets its title from. The album begins very quietly and then starts to build in interesting layers. The mind space that I experience from that album started to be a goal for the visual meditations in this work.”

“It is easy to look at this work and think about piles of rocks. I think that would most likely be the first place most viewers would go. There are however no rocks. There is balance, or at least a sense of balance. That sense of balance is a personal quest. I am searching for a balancing point between stability and collapse. As difficult as that is to maintain I find all of the interesting answers teeter.”

Tad Lauritzen Wright, a Texan, received an MFA from Memphis College of Art and a BFA from Nebraska Wesleyan University. Over the past twenty years, he has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions across the United States. He is a prodigious creator, and his works are in public and private collections around the world.

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