When in Richmond

Look Up (Savor the Street Art)

I fell for Richmond, VA the first time I visited. I’ve been back a dozen or so times and nothing delights me more than walking the city blocks, discovering (or revisiting) the art that truly is everywhere.

#hipstamatic (Leonard / Strasberg / JR2X) #streetart #richmond #rva

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  • MarySpringfield

    Living in Richmond I don’t appreciate all the art as I once did. It’s such an ingrained part of the scenery that I take it for granted. Thank you for the wonderful highlights!

  • RhondaRB

    @MarySpringfield I live in fairly boring Fairfax County and I wish there was more creativity here. I made a comment to someone that I love Richmond more than I hate driving on I95 😊

  • kev_casey

    Great captures Rhonda, Strasburg works well here👍👍

  • lauriekeiko

    Cool! I had no idea Richmond had so much great street art.

  • Kats_Eye

    This is fabulous! 😍

  • Daro_laventura

    Colour full


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