I will never refuse an invitation for a trip back to Osaka ✨

Our apartment is conveniently located right behind a train station. 10/10 for this place!

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan


One of the iconic place to visit in Osaka. Don’t forget to strike a pose in front of the Glico Man sign and be prepared to be blinded by the massive neon lights around here

The street foods here are out of this world! Must try the famous takoyaki and okonomiyaki when you stroll around Osaka

Finally can cross Hogwarts off from my bucketlist ⚡️

We visited the other part of the town to eat some delicious fried skewers


Heard so many great reviews about the kushikatsu or fried skewers at this place. Tucked inside a small alley, the chef and staffs were very friendly and the skewers were DELICIOUS

  • SirFin

    I thought Osaka was awesome when I spoke at a conference there. Great shots and they brought back memories!

  • vicb01


  • bilarenjani

    @SirFin yes I really fell in love with Osaka, it was such a beautiful city!

  • bilarenjani

    @vicb01 thank you :)