secrets at dawn

"The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you"

My story of a foggy Haarzuilens


the perfect mystical place...

castle " de Haar "

The Haarzuilens estate near Utrecht has everything you would expect from a fairytale castle - ducks in ponds, swans, deer, and flower gardens with beautifully ageing trees. It’s the biggest and most luxurious castle in the Netherlands, and especially glorious to behold when covered by a veil of mist...


foggy mood at dawn...

Either alone or in good company visiting the estate will not disappoint you...

Once you get attached by the beauty of fog, youre an fog-addict

My opinion

I often go out at early hours to shoot some foggy pictures. Stunning light, and being one with nature makes me totally happy....

In order to see birds it's necesarry to become part of the silence.

Be kind to every kind...

not only mankind.

this is me catching some fog

Hope you enjoyed my foggylicious trip... Thanks for watching !

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