On a hot summer’s day

So it’s the hottest day of the year, with temperatures expected to reach up to 39 degrees centigrade. You are staying just outside the studious city of Cambridge (the British original, not the Massachusetts one, even though that’s equally studious) and have got up early for a visit of the renowned university town. What to do?

Maybe first pick up as much cool as you can in the centrally located Great St Mary’s Church before venturing into the heat...

Then take a walk through Senate House Passage to see the punters on the River Cam ...

... and admire St. John’s College from a distance ...

... before returning past Trinity Hall and Clare College to head towards that most famous of colleges.

There it looms beyond the fence... King’s College, with its famed chapel, both architectonically and acoustically.

So where now in this sweltering heat? Why not spend the afternoon in the wealthy realms of the Fitzwilliam Museum, filled with treasures from pharaos to much more recent royalty.

You need a cool drink after all that before returning ‘home’ for perhaps a bit of romance. Or have you become too old for this, especially in these temperatures? Fear not! In Cambridge, there is always help around the corner...


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  • simone_wit

    Love your story! I need to go here! Page 22 😂😂😂

  • mdiepraam

    They were a deadly serious construction company! 🤪💪🏽 But I know where I need to return to when I’m pushing 80... 😇✌🏽

  • mdiepraam

    Many thanks for featuring this story as well as including it in your Places collection, @Steller. I’m truly honoured and happily surprised! 🙏🏽✨

  • karen_claudia_

    Congrats Mattijs very nice story you have.

  • mdiepraam

    Thanks so much, @karen_claudia_, really pleased that you like it... 👍🏽😘

  • NiMi2

    Excellent photos! Especially of the ceilings! Terrific book!

  • mdiepraam

    So kind of you to say, Nikki, many thanks! 🙏🏽😎 @NiMi2

  • mdiepraam

    Wow, that’s cool, @Steller, thanks! 👍🏽😎

  • EirikFung

    Thank you for bringing me back to Cambridge! We visited there last June and loved our stay.

  • mdiepraam

    You’re welcome, @EirikFung! 👍🏽😎 So that was just a month before we were there and in similarly hot conditions...

  • EirikFung

    We were lucky with the weather, quite pleasant indeed.


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