What’s in this coordinate ?

39° 43′ 12.1″ N, 140° 6′ 9.3″ E

What’s in this place ?

It’s a city, called Akita, Japan.

Petroleum Lecture from Akita University, Japan.

All I can describe about this city is, Shizuka. (google it, it’s Japanese)

Fujifilm XT-10 23mm F2.0 / lightroom

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  • hittegolf1

    Beautifull light you get. Thanks for sharing. Once I was 12 days in Tokyo. We needed another 4 to see it all but there was no more times. Next time I should stop at Nakita https://steller.co/havwoods2/trip-to-tokyo

  • jorog

    oh wow, 12 days in tokyo ? I was in tokyo for only 2 days. the rest 6 days was in akita prefecture for study. only 8 days in Japan :( still cant move on ! thanks for th compliment. @hittegolf1


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