Culture Shock

I went to Japan for fieldtrip with Trisakti University. We went to Akita for study and luckily we got a chance to visit Tokyo. And this story is my perspective of Tokyo.

Crowded but clean as hell

Beautiful trees ! look at both of them. Rare.

I asked them where was the Mcdonald, and they took me there. Japanese people are friendly

I even had lunch with random Japanese Student

In this case, we were going to station together.

well, Surely I’ll be back to Japan bcs I love it !

Fuji XT-10 23mm f2.0 / Lightroom

  • jordanfoy

    I'd love to visit one day!

  • jorog

    You’ll not regret it!

  • ceritawira


  • jorog

    akhirnya balik lagi ya bang ! @ceritawira

  • ifaifrap

    @jorog visiting japan was both the toughest and the best solo travel I had ever done. I miss Japan already. Looking forward to another opportunity to be back to Japan again. Nice pictures!