Beauty and mystery

In Bellano the river that flows into Lake Como seems quiet ...

...but along its path, the Pioverna, has carved a deep canyon and created some beautiful waterfalls.

Before arriving at the Orrido there is a building, called the "Casa del Diavolo" because of the paintings on the facades. Some say that in this house there were strange rituals, others that there lived a’s a mystery

The adventure inside begins...

Stairs and long runners harpooned to the walls...

Legend has it that the warrior Taino lies in this place with all his treasure

Marvelous nature outside...

All the pictures are taken by me Thanks for watching #stellerstories #italy #explore #epixtrip

  • jorog

    8th page is scary. nice photos youve got !

  • Aury_ga

    @jorog Thanks for your comment, I’m new...and maybe I need an help for my page. By the way I’m really glad you like my photos. :)