Bullet journal

Let’s get started.!

Bullet journaling is good for all ages There are lots of journals speaking of. Wreck this journal, Blog journal, Planner journal, Sracp journal, there’s just so many but today we’re doing bullet journaling...

Let’s talk about what kind of journals and supplies, I got a really good bullet journal at Amazon, Make sure that you get one that’s dotted It’s most likely the best now what pens? I would definitely “recommend tombow dual brush pens” There really good there about 13 dollars on amazon and probably more in the store also I wouldn’t recommend buying a cheap bullet journal in a store anyways if your on a budget I would recommend “ 24 Fineliner Color Pens Set, Taotree Fine Line Colored Sketch Writing Drawing Pens for Journal Planner Note Taking and Coloring Book, Porous Fine Point Pens Markers”, That’s about 11 dollars but there’s more pens there also a different pack with 60 bit for like 12

Now let’s talk about the ideas 📓1.Mood trackers 📔2.Habit tracker 📕3.Self-care or Routine 📗4.Friends tracker 📘5.Bill tracker 📙6. Series tracker 📚7. Wether tracker 📖8.sleep log 📒9.period tracker 📝10.Spending log 🖊11.Stress tracker 🖋12.cleaning tracker ✒️13.bill tracker 🖌14.birthday tracker 🖍15. The keys

That’s all for today :)

  • vicb01

    looks great

  • BrandisAllison

    Beautiful! I’ve had many journals over the years, but haven’t started a bullet journal yet.