"The forgotten middle class" has taken to the country's streets. "They feel like the political elite is forgetting about them”. NBC News

“We are here to protest against the government because of the rise in taxes [in general], not just petrol taxes, which is the straw that broke the camel’s back. We’ve had enough. We have low salaries and pay too much tax and the combination is creating more and more poverty. “ Idir Ghanes, 42 Unemployed Computer Technician in Paris

“We left just after midnight to come here today. There are so many things we are fed up with. We work, we pay taxes, but it’s all too much. To give you an example; my aunt died recently and left €40,000. She worked all her life, she paid her taxes and charges, but the government took 60% of that. Does that seem fair?” Bruno Binelli, 66 Carpenter from Lyon

“If you live in the countryside you have to have a car to get to work, so we are directly affected when fuel prices go up and up. And when the electricity bill goes up and up, and the gas bill, and the charges and taxes, it’s hard to bear. We feel we are being targeted instead of the airlines, the shipping lines, those companies who pollute more but pay no tax.” Marie Lemoine, 62 School Teacher from Provins

“We tell them our concerns and we elect them, then when they get into power they seem astonished when we come out on the streets like today to protest. It’s as if the protests have just fallen from the sky, when we’ve already told them how we feel.” Florence, 55 Works for an Air Freight Company in Paris

"We’re fed up with the rising prices and the cost of living. We feel like the political elite is forgetting about who they are here to serve and why.” Protestor Paris

“We fight for our children, the elderly, the challenged.” Jean Franc Business Owner in Paris

“No more lies. No more tax increases. No more high food costs”. Emily Devaughn Seamstress in Paris

“We are not burning our community, None of this belongs to us. This is owned by the establishment who profit from tourism, the wealthy, their friends and people who come here to do business with the elite. Burn Paris. Burn.” Byron Camille Student and Resident in Paris

“We wait until our questions are answered and our lives are valued. We are patient and determined.” Unknown Protestor in Paris

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