Meet Amy Cleveland/Akron OH Ambassador For Women Who Explore @amyau8

I want to tell you a little bit about myself and why I joined Women Who Explore. First you might ask, where is Ohio? It is the heart shaped state south of Lake Erie. We don’t have mountains here, but beautiful rolling farmlands, in the heart we have the Cuyahoga National Park along with local Metro Parks that combine to make what the locals call the Emerald Necklace, and vibrant cities that make living here exciting!

I love the outdoors! Which shows in my daily life as a biologist in the environmental department for the local power company, running the avian program for ten years

In my personal life, it all started with trail running and backpacking, but that wasn’t enough, I have now taken courses for mountaineering and alpinism.

I have done some really amazing adventures, but for most, have been the only girl. And let me tell you, it isn’t easy. It’s intimating. When you are with a group of guys, you feel inadequate, thinking how am I going to keep up with them. So I started seeking fellow women adventurers. And believe it or not, they are hard to find!

Then I found Women Who Explore. Reading Lindsay and Jenny’s story of hiking and being judge, struck a cord with me. I was appalled that fellow women would tell them they aren’t capable of doing something instead of helping them succeed in their goal, they were going to the same summit! Everyone deserves a chance to push their limits and explore. So I applied to be an ambassador and got accepted into what I can now say is family.

My goal as an ambassador is to help other girls. I want to spread knowledge. I want to teach you and have you teach me. There are mountains out there to be explored and we can do that, together. So come find me, in my little corner of Ohio, and we can talk, share stories, and spread knowledge. To me that is what friendship is all about

To join Amy and the Cleveland/Akron group click here

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