Quality Hotel Expo

Stabekk, Norway School example of modern hotel design

Impressive reception desk Endgrain Oak veneer on the heads of the beams

eyecatcher at the entrance (for Tripadvisor)

At home far away lobby

Lobby is no longer a pass through but a cash maker with drinks and foods and plays

Coffee bar with plenty of workspaces

Rooms are clean and rather basic. There are 3layer 14/2.5mm woodfloors in a bright cream color, lacquered. It is as if the rooms are just for passing through and sleeping.

In the hotel building there is this museum alike division

« When all think alike, no one is thinking »


  • Holzauto

    ich kann sehen das du die Zeit in Norwegen richtig gut nutz und schöne Dinge siehs. Gruss Frank

  • havwoods

    Thanks Frank, could have used more helping hands.

  • havwoods

    It has been a hell of a job, far more than we expected causing the training seminar to remaine extremely short