The matcha doriyaki

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Before starting the Christmas season intensely, we start the week with a typical Japanese recipe to be enjoyed in the morning for breakfast, as a snack but also as a dessert after a meal. I worked on this particular dessert this summer for a recipe from my book. Doing research to learn more about the dorayaki, which we usually consume in Italy with the hazelnut cream, I also discovered the green tea version.

To make this recipe I needed two important ingredients such as green tea jam and the year that is sweet red bean jam, I had no time these days to make it myself and done my due research I was able to get these products and here is the final result. Have you ever cooked them? Would you like to prepare them? If I have the time in the next weeks I will try to make the two jams, I mean I stuffed my dorayaki with a lot of care to leave them beautiful soft.

I await your tests. For the mise en place dish oriental decoration of Easy Life Design and the original Japanese green.

Ingredients: 240g of 00 flour 180g of water 150g of powdered sugar 2 eggs 20g of acacia honey 3 teaspoons of green tea 3g of baking powder QB of green tea jam QB of anko #recipe for 6 persons

How to do: Mix the flour with baking powder and sugar and green tea powder. Add the eggs one at a time, honey and water. Knead the dough with a whisk until the mixture is smooth and free of lumps. Heat a non-stick frying pan with a brush of peanut oil. Pour a ladle for each dorayaki. Cook slowly and when the first bubbles form, turn the dorayaki and cook for another minute. Repeat the operation until the dough is finished. Stuff a dorayaki with green tea jam in the center and on the outside with anko and apply the other on top.

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