A great weekend :

Pittsburgh , PA

#hipstamatic #pittsburgh

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  • aconica

    Hi Rhonda! All these HIPSTA people showing up here. Love the round frame, great collection of images.

  • ErvinVice


  • lauriekeiko

    Love the combo!

  • gitti_tagwerk

    Wonderful Rhonda!

  • fionadufour

    Rhonda πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ amazing

  • Kats_Eye

    Incredible set! 😍

  • RhondaRB

    @aconica yes! Funny. We are all joining because of Portfolio week on 365 and all are falling in love with the app.

  • RhondaRB

    @Kats_Eye 😘😘 I’m thrilled to share my Pittsburgh photos again and I suspect I’ll keep using this.

  • RhondaRB

    @fionadufour awww thanks 😘

  • RhondaRB

    @gitti_tagwerk 😊😊 thank you. I am digging the app

  • RhondaRB

    @lauriekeiko it was from the forgotten gear week on 365. I should add in some text (instead of nervously swiping away a page for .... gasp .... words)

  • RhondaRB

    @ErvinVice I feel more at home since grouchy cat chimed in!! 😹

  • kev_casey

    Great collection of images Rhonda


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