Type-Two Fun

An ode to the great outdoors and those who enjoy it.

“Type-two fun.” The term slipped out of my friend’s lips without further explanation. It felt exactly right. It didn’t need another explanation. Anyone who has hiked long, hard summits and trails, camped at a distant destination, or has otherwise struggled their way through what society somehow calls a “recreational activity” inherently knows the definition of type-two fun.

A face of too many miles to go.

Type-two fun is the muscle cramping, bone screeching, full-body-commitment demanding type of activity that you still somehow come out of with a huge grin. It’s the type of “fun” that sometimes takes more than it gives and, more often than not, has you questioning your sanity on multiple occasions.

It’s packing your life into a backpack and lugging it through mud and rain, or picking the straight up route to the summit. Sometimes you sit and wonder what you did to deserve this.

When you’re standing on top of a mountain with blue skies, cerulean lakes below and snowcapped peaks as far as he eye can see; or unzipping your tent to the sunrise and an expanse of ocean with perfect swell on a private beach, you’re breathless wondering the exact same thing.

Sometimes, with type-two fun, you hate every moment until you get home. Then, when someone asks you how your adventure was, you suddenly find yourself overflowing with epic tales about things that happened and how incredible it all was. Woah... where did THAT come from? You don’t even realize that between the pain, blood, sweat and tears you might have actually had... fun.

Getting to know the rocky beach break on a Mexico surf trip.

Usually, you have to wait between type-two fun activities to forget how hard it was. Then, you’ll be wondering who came up with the great idea to do yet ANOTHER five day wilderness camping trip. Somehow, type-two fun always drags you back out for another round. You must be careful when it comes to type-two fun... it’s addicting.

When you meet a REAL type-two funner, you’ll always know. They’ll be the genuine ones humbled by nature. They’re the first people to volunteer for an adventure and the last people to call it quits on a rainy day. In fact, they’re likely the ones dragging YOU out to some really cool spot they found just a little further down this logging road... they think.

They’re probably also that person who has a bit of a wild look in their eye. The one you’ve noticed crept into your eyes the last time you smacked the finally-dry dust off of your hiking boots and thought, “I wonder what the trail’s looking like this time of year?” Usually, it takes a type-two funner to introduce you to your new addiction of type-two fun.

If you’re lucky, you’ll come across a competitive “type-two funner.” Those are the obnoxious people you meet in bars who compare trails and summits and times. They’re the ones who have all the fancy knives and tools and toys. You don’t even have to ask, they’ll tell you about it. Let’s leave those guys in the woods.

So why on EARTH do we participate in type-two fun?

Bug bites after camping out

When the mountains, the trails, the trees, or the oceans call, responding just can’t be helped. It’s the knowledge that you can ask yourself to do incredible things and succeed. Or the concept that getting home at the end of the day might not be a given. You can push yourself harder than you thought possible. This ain’t no drive to the mountain top lookout; it’s time, dedication and hard work!

Maybe it’s one of those. Maybe your type-two fun comes from something a little more like “Wild” before it was mainstream.

Type-two fun forces you to respect and understand nature and the power of the Earth. Type-two fun asks you to be more than you thought you were and rewards you with unbeatable views, untouched treasures and a deep sense of gratitude and accomplishment. Plus endorphins. Lots of endorphins. You’ll need those.

Type-two fun needs no explanation, because if you’ve done it, you know exactly what it means.


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