geographical center of the Euro-Asian continent

Zenkov Cathedral, the highest wooden building in the world, stands proud in the middle of Panfilovets’ park.

Considered an act of God, is was about the only building in Almaty that did not collapse in the 1911 devastating earthquake. To build this 57m high cathedral, wood was used. Wood only, also for the nails.

Almaty traffic jam

Almaty is enclosed by the snow-capped Tian Shan range in the South and a vast plain that stretches all to Siberia in the North. Check the speaker. He remembers a storm in 2015 which blew away ... all large trees were euhhh

Below these 4000m mountain tops, the vast plain and the city of Almaty

Tower of the Medeu Mudflow Control Dam Build in the 70ties, just in time for avoiding a potentially catastrophic mud slide, the Medeu Dam can take up to 4 million cubic meters of sediment.

Medeu Dam tower ↘️

From Almaty to this 3.200m high station, it takes 15min by car and 20min by elevator

↗️ gletsjer

Dressed for a sales training and after skipping a nights sleep, i started getting cold

So I went in this 3.200 Bar, no smoking but about all you can imagine for drinking

all for very fair price, run by very enthusiastic and friendly trio

Irish and Scottish Whiskeys

When retired, the elevator is free of charge on week days. This guy sat next to us when going up.

Another 2 guys going up