Snowy Mountain Range

Sugarloaf Recreation Area Wyoming

The Snowy Mountain Range area is filled with stunning views without the major crowds, making this location a perfect gem.

Gap Lakes Trail #108

Certainly on my list of hikes I want to do again... a 6.8 mile round trip trek with incredible views of the Snowy Range. Although we rode mountain bikes, I would recommend hiking this one.

The end of Gap Lakes Trail connects to Sheep Lake Trail #389, with access to Deep Lake. This trail is a great starting point for overnight hikes. Dogs ok off leash.

Medicine Bow National Forest

July-September is the best time to do hikes in the area due to winter runoff.

Just a little bit of snow.

Post-ride shammy photo

Don’t judge. It was a rough one for this amateur bike rider. Sweat, blood and all. Ready for a beer and a burger, most likely.

I most definitely suffered for this one. Worth it. Can’t wait to go back & do it again.

Photo credits - Abbi Arneson @abbioutside Michael Eldridge @aspect9design #womenwhoexplore #wyoming #snowymountainrange #medicinebow

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