Adventures in Fiji

living on island time

10 days in Fiji with my best friend. Kayaking, hiking, exploring a small handful of the 350+ islands of Fiji.

Island time is good.

Stunning beaches

with even tastier seafood. Each sunrise and sunset better than the last.

hours spent relaxing and reading at this dreamy location.

Drinking as much fresh coconut water as we could

Beach bummin’ to the fullest.

Things to do in Fiji

Kayak. Hike. Boat tours. Eat amazing food. Swim with sea life. Stand up paddle board.

Oh, and don’t forget to go to the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. You will walk through an unreal fairy tail of unique plants and trees, unlike anything I’ve seen anywhere else.

You’ll also see these tree huggin’ gals, representing the indigenous women who consistently fight for the prosperity of our global environment.

A common vacation spot for Australians, as Fiji is only a few hours away. Lucky Aussies!

Lastly, beach bonfires with good company are a must. Fiji locals know how to make all feel welcome with a standard of kindness that is so welcoming.

Until we meet again, Fiji!

Photo Credits Abbi Arneson @abbioutside #womenwhoexplore #Fiji

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