LCS 11 Commissioning 17 Nov 2018

With a loud blasting horn echoing into the Severn River, the first Freedom-Class Warship commissioned at the US Naval Academy welcomes aboard her crew in Annapolis, Maryland.

Commissioning a ship marks the moment of placing a ship into service.

The 1st ship to carry the name, USS Sioux City can sail in shallow waters for search and rescue missions.

The littoral combat ship created by Lockheed Martin can reach 40 knots with a 3500 metric ton displacement fully loaded with armament.

57mm gun

120 rounds/min

The $362 million ship welcomed aboard the pubic to see their tax dollars were spent well.

“Guide this Warship & all those who shall sail in her.”

Admiral John Richardson Chief of Naval Operations

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst said,” It speaks volumes that this ship carries the great name of USS Sioux City." @Steller #history #navy #siouxcity #siouxlanders #usssiouxcity #commissioning @lockheedmartin #lockheed

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  • havwoods

    The marine eating while greeting? Love your capture.


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