Autumn walk #steller2018

This morning my wife showed a new app, featuring walks all over Europe. We decided to give it a try with a walk nearby: just go to a starting point and follow the numbers.

Somekind of a fairy tale walk this ended up

Douglas Fur trees

Bulkskampveld herbs garden. There is more here than in Suzhou garden, China. Asperges and hundreds of other herbs

There are a few amazing chickens, pigeons and rabbits

Chicken bread for chicken fights in North of France from Bruges

It might look as if we walked all alone. There was though an event with hundreds of walkers. It was ridiculous. They appeared to walk a lot: red cheecks, walking sticks, retired, bags, ... They looked to the ground. Once in a while they said ‚hi‘.

They looked like a cool version of The Walking Dead

In 800, Viking’s build this hill with on its top, a fortress. The fortress mainly served as a strategic viewpoint. During Spanish occupation, long after the fortress got ruined, a little tower was build. Again it served as a viewpoint but this time also as a place for hangings. The hill and it’s tower got neglected due to local politics Read more

800 AC Viking fortress

Winter walk