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19h, walking back to the car after shopping

Bruges became important in the 5th century due to a tidal inlet. This inlet, the "Golden Inlet", made it one of the world's chief commercial cities. Wool from Scotland and England was sold to the French, pepper from Portugal to Scandinavia. Traders from Italy, especially Genua, moved in. In Bruges trade systems with Bills of Exchange and Letter of Credits got established. In 1309 „de Buerse“ opened, the worlds first stock exchange.

De Buerse As kids, every other Sunday, we went visiting our grandparents the third house behind it.

At the port, a fortress tower was build to safeguard charters. On top, fire was lit to show the way to sailors. The tower was made higher and higher until in 1500 a fire took down the wooden top

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In 1500 the inlet tidal silted and the city impoverished. Inhabitants dwindled from 200k to 50k in 1900. „Bruges la Morte“