A fall walk with @diaryofavizsla


A fall walk with my bestie @diaryofavizsla in November. Ingredients: 2 Hours A forest Warm colored leaves Morning light Booties A camera A happy dog (a Vizsla) Treats to get the dog even happier

“Use this photo to get in a zen state of mind.”

Simone Wittgen

Are you zen? Then come along!

We followed a random path.

We stuck our snoofers in the fresh air!

We refused to touch the frozen trunk with ‘tha booty’ ;0)

W e s n e a k e d a r o u n d l i k e b u r g l a r s i n t h e n i g h t .

W e s t o o d i n t h e l i g h t .

And admired the ‘paintings’ around us.

W e f e l l o n o u r k n e e s f o r f a l l .

A n d n o t i c e d p r e t t y d e t a i l s e v e r y w h e r e .

And then...

w e r e l a x e d . . .

You don’t need to get on a plane to explore the world. Go discover your own neighbourhood. Enjoy nature, don’t destroy it. #crestcontest Photo’s made with a Fuji Film X-T1. Thanks for watching! #responsibletourism #responsibletravel #dog #vizsla #stellerstories #stellerid #netherlands #holland #fall #autumn #november #leaves #forest #womenwhoexplore #walk #nederland #herfst #foliage

Look cute and maybe you’ll get a treat.

More photo’s: @diaryofavizsla and @simone_wit

  • simone_wit

    Dank voor de like @danielle_v_b ook zo van het herfstweekend aan t genieten?

  • danielle_v_b

    Jazeker! Maar wel vooral binnen ;-) Gisteren onze verjaardagen dik gevierd. Gedanst tot 5:30 vanochtend. Nu alles aan het opruimen en dan zo nog even een uurtje wandelen langs de Maas. Beetje uitkateren 🤪🙌🏼

  • sandraengels73


  • simone_wit

    @sandraengels73 thanks San! Was mijn alternatief voor Tilburg. Hondje was ook weer ok. Xxxxxx

  • copperline

    Beautiful! Love these wee moments in nature - and the light is gorgeous. And the “thanks but my booty is too precious for this frost” shot is just 🔥!

  • simone_wit

    @copperline haha we wouldn’t sit on a frozen trunk either right? 😂😂😂

  • simone_wit

    Thanks for republishing @Steller 🙏🏻🍁🙏🏻 Enjoy your dat

  • bellaykane


  • B__xy

    Page 16 ❤️👌🏼

  • sneha1930

    Page 16 is just resemble with the short story by O'Henry "The Last Leaf".

  • simone_wit

    @sneha1930 will look that one up! Thanks for your kind comment!

  • simone_wit

    @bellaykane thanks a lot!