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In Ecuador, as many others places in South America. Small villages and people were reached by the Inca Impire. During this time civilizations like Chimu, Huancavilcas, Mapuches, Cañaris, Paltas, Ambucas and others were conquered by the Inca political expansionist called Tahuantinsuyo.

Ambucas archeology

Salatí - Portovelo - Ecuador

The Ambucas civilization had placed around the Ambocas River in the border of Ecuador and Perú in El Oro province. Some current investigation have declared that the Ambucas lived there hundred of years before Incas arrived.

Some friends and I decided to walk into that ancient places

After walking four hours into the mountain we reached the top and we set the the camp. We were very anxious and excited for discovering new things and information that help to know more about Ambucas civilization.

Jaime and Tayo

4 meters rock supports for housing

One of the various caves that we found.

Another art rock.

This old stone town has a lot of walls like this.

It looks like a rock bath.

The sun clock

Several pottery parts

We discovered a new kind of flower

Small rock figure found in the ground.

End of the day.

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