Another stellar drawing thing

Eli Wolochow

Thumbnails, I really wanted to to something involving aircraft/something in the air. A lot of them involved contrast differences, like planes underwater, a helicopter flying through grass blades, a submarine in the air and a ship cutting through land

This was taken at the end of the first day, I had choose to draw planes underwater and this was looking promising. I always start with a rough outline of my projects and this was the end of that outline.

This was at the end of the 2nd day. I was really disappointed with it so I decided to try again. I had not accounted for both the texture and amount of detail that would be needed and had used oil pastels and transitioned dark parts to light parts when I hadn't needed to

End of 3rd day, i was trying a bit closer of a view, and I was going for a contrast other than color, mixing detail and simplicity

This was taken near the end of the 4th day, I was basically done, just needed to work on some things namely the fish. I had used a lot of blending with chalk pastels.

This was taken on the 5th and final day, I really liked the sketchy feel although I wished I had more detail in the fish. Otherwise the project was something I'm happy with. (this was the final iteration)

I used this image....

I could not add one of my reference photos because the photo was downloaded as a .gif but it was just a fish

My piece was supposed to be planes "flying" underwater and we see them from a rear perspective. The planes were Mig-31s and the underwater idea was one I've had for a while. I find it surreal because water and planes usually don't mix well. The fish also helped this but I feel that I could have done a lot more with the fish to help the juxtaposition of the drawing. After the first drawing failed I gave myself the feedback of 'keep it simple stupid' and continued with that into my next drawing. I really enjoyed teaching myself that keeping things simple tends to create better pieces. My favorite part is the planes because looking back on the first airplane drawings I created I had improved a lot. I found creating the illusion of water depth was my biggest challenge throughout the original, and this is why you don't find it in my current piece, which has detail as a problem either a lack of it or vise versa. If I would get the chance to redo this project, I would like to add more detail into the setting and try to make things look like they belong.