and her daughter.

“I struggle so deeply To understand How someone can Pour their entire soul Blood and energy Into someone Without wanting Anything in Return.” Rupi Kaur For our mothers.

Soft hands and a strong heart.

When it came to listening My mother taught me Open heart and silence.

When it came to speaking Said it is not done with the mouth But through thought and patience

When it came to being Said be tender and rough at once For you must remain vulnerable to fully live But tough to survive it all

When it came to choosing Said be thankful and willing For choices were the only thing She never had the privilege of making

What if There isn’t enough time To give her what she deserves Do you think If i begged the sky hard enough My mother’s soul would return to me as my daughter so I can give her The comfort she gave me My whole life.

Poems by Rupi Kaur.

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